YMCA 360 Mobile App: Enhancing Kids’ Summers

by Helina Brown, Bank of America Student Leader

As summer arrives, parents seek engaging and educational activities for their children. YMCA 360 emerges as a versatile tool, offering a variety of interactive videos and programs to enrich kids’ summer experiences.

Diverse Educational Series

YMCA 360 caters to different interests and age groups with its diverse series. “Art Camp” encourages creativity through simple art projects, fostering self-expression and imagination. “Literacy for Littles” offers read-aloud books that improve listening skills and vocabulary, nurturing a love for reading early on. “Camp Exploration” teaches about nature and outdoor activities like bird watching, promoting adventure and curiosity from home.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

A key advantage of YMCA 360 is its accessibility. Families can access activities on-demand, whether at home, traveling, or during downtime, thanks to the app’s engaging content library.

Embracing YMCA Values

Built on community, inclusivity, and youth development, YMCA 360 extends these principles into the digital age, ensuring continued nurturing of young minds beyond physical locations.

Peace of Mind for Parents

Parents appreciate YMCA 360 for offering constructive activities that stimulate creativity, promote literacy, and encourage outdoor exploration. It reduces concerns about excessive screen time, emphasizing productive learning experiences.


In today’s digital age, YMCA 360 stands out with its educational content and meaningful activities. Whether your child loves art, books, or outdoor adventures, YMCA 360 enriches their summer and fosters a balanced approach to fun and learning. Learn more about YMCA360

Interested in Camp Exploration?

Check out the links below to access YMCA360!

Get Outside

Art Camps

Literary for Littles

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We hope you and your family stayed safe during the storm. We will resume normal operations at all three YMCA of Coastal Carolina center locations at 11 a.m. today. 

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