Guest Policy

Guest Policy

The YMCA of Coastal Carolina is a membership organization and our first priority is to serve our members who have made a commitment to the YMCA by joining as members. The primary purpose behind our guest policy is to enhance service to current members who are encouraging a friend to join and when needed, make reasonable accommodations for out-of-town family and visitors.

Guests of a YMCA of Coastal Carolina Member

  • Guests accompanied by a YMCA of Coastal Carolina member may visit a maximum of 3-times each year at no charge. (Member must be present)

Day Pass

  • Visitors >12 years of age may use the facility for $15 per day or $60 per week
  • Visiting youth ≤ 12 years of age may use the facility for $5 per day and must be accompanied by an adult.

General Guest Policies

  • Youth <18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to sign a consent form.
  • All guests must have a valid photo ID to use the facility.
  • Individuals on the Sex Offender Registry are prohibited from visiting the YMCA.
  • The YMCA has the right to restrict or revoke access of individuals who violate our Member Code of Conduct

Guest Childwatch

  • Visitors are welcome in YMCA Childwatch.
  • Please allow extra time during the first visit so that each child may be entered into our secure check-in system.  This can take 5-20 minutes depending on how busy each branch is at the time.
  • Childwatch rules apply to guests, the same as members.

Restrictions & Exclusions

At times, our branches may set restrictions on guest access due to heavy member usage of that location.  Each branch has full authority to set those limitations. We recommend contacting each branch before you arrive with your guest to see if any restrictions are in place.  There are no guarantees that the branch will be available to guests or visitors.

Unique or Special Circumstances

We know that there are often unique and special circumstances that may arise from time to time for our members.  Please contact your branch leadership 3-5 days in advance so that they can better understand your circumstances and needs.  Common examples of unique or special circumstances:

  • Grandchildren visiting during the summer for an extended period
  • Out of town friends or family that are visiting for a short period
  • Family members that have a nanny
  • Caring for another family’s children in a time of crisis

July 4th Hours 

8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Updated Hours Today

We hope you and your family stayed safe during the storm. We will resume normal operations at all three YMCA of Coastal Carolina center locations at 11 a.m. today. 

  • Thursday, August 31: All three center locations will reopen at 11 a.m.
  • Friday, September 1: All three center locations will be open during normal hours.
 24-hour access will be unavailable to Tidelands Health Georgetown Family YMCA during the times the center is closed but will resume as normal tonight.