Private Swim Lessons

Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons can be used for anyone who has a need or desire to attend classes outside of the “group” format. Private lessons are offered at each branch based on instructor availability and allow for special circumstances, learning abilities, and schedules to be considered and accommodated. Our certified, patient and knowledgeable Y swim instructors offer private lessons for ages 2 years and up. When choosing a lesson type, think about your needs and what type of instructor will fit you best. Lesson lengths are 30 minutes. We also offer semi-private lessons with a 1:2 instructor to student ratio to give the benefits of a private swim lesson while offsetting the cost to make it more affordable.

Private and semi-private lessons are a great option for swimmers looking to catch up or get ahead. These lessons give you individualized attention to help improve or master swimming skills. You set the agenda by working with the instructor to determine goals, then the swimming curriculum is customized to meet these individual goals. Together, the instructor, participant, and/or parent determine the goals for the session, and the curriculum is customized in order to meet these goals. Download your location’s private swim registration packet to get started today!

Benefits of Private Lessons

  • Swimming skill improvement
  • Skill mastery
  • One-on-one attention

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