Healthy Habits, Month 2: Get Moving!

Are you interested in exercising more, but don’t know where to start? Now that you’ve been tracking your healthy habits, it’s time to incorporate cardio.  

Incorporate Cardio 

Cardio is a great way to improve all aspects of your health! Cardiovascular fitness keeps your heart healthy and happy. Incorporating cardio into your daily routine can reduce the risk of conditions such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. Not only that, but it also can boost your mood and help you get a good night’s sleep.  

What is cardio?

So, what is cardio? The simple answer – anything that gets your heart pumping! Cardio can be activities like walking, running, biking, or even dancing. Low impact cardio activities, like swimming, are beneficial for beginners or those with joint pain. With so many options to choose from, cardio is the easiest way to incorporate fitness into your life. 

Find 10 ways to get your heart pumping

This month, we challenge you to find 10 ways to get your heart pumping. Using the monthly #HealthyHabits tracker, check off at least 10 cardio workouts that you tried in February. Keeping your fitness routine lively is important to keeping it fun! You can even check out the link below to see more cardiovascular fitness ideas on YMCA360

Cardio for Beginners

Another great way to incorporate cardio for beginners is through a group fitness class. Group fitness is an excellent way to get moving with guidance from an instructor. In February, set a goal to try at least one new group fitness class at the YMCA. With different class options and times, there’s always a way to fit it into your schedule.  Check out our classes and sign up today!  

Create a Plan

By trying 10 new ways to get your heart pumping, shaking it up, and attending a group fitness class at the YMCA, you are1% better every day! 

Updated Hours Today

We hope you and your family stayed safe during the storm. We will resume normal operations at all three YMCA of Coastal Carolina center locations at 11 a.m. today. 

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