A story of hope and possibility: Dennis, creating healthy habits

Dennis, a loyal Claire Chapin Epps Family YMCA member, shares his story of hope and possibility.

He begins, “I died and the Y saved my life.”

The hospital staff at Grand Strand for saved his life after experiencing full cardiac arrest on July 3, 2012. 

He went through Cardiac Rehab until February, 2015, when the Y assumed responsibility for managing those Cardiac patients who had completed Cardiac Rehab at the hospital.

He shares, “The Y was a better option for those of us who had moved on from Cardiac Rebab because we could attend the Y as often as we wanted while Cardiac was limited to 3 visits per week.”

He continued, “The staff at the Y has always been available to help me personally stick to my exercise program even though the staff members have changed over the years. The current staff is well qualified and are able to relate to all age levels.”

He notes that it is very noticeable how the staff is able to meet the needs of a multigenerational customer base.

“This is a comfortable and safe place,” he explains, “and everyone cares for each other here.”

Dennis continued exercising at the Claire Chapin Epps Family YMCA and loves being a part of the Y community.

Last year, Dennis joined the Healthy Habits Challenge, which tracked daily healthy habits such as eating well, moving for 30 minutes, and drinking water. For each healthy habit tracked, participants earned a point.

Trish Harrison, Healthy Living Director, shares, “I wrote his name down at the top of the Healthy Habits Leader Board every week.”

Dennis shares that the Healthy Habits Challenge influenced him to start a food journal. He stayed with the healthy habits program even after the challenge ended, and by the end of the year had lost 40 pounds!

Dennis is an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story with the Y community.

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