Youth Basketball Information

Youth Basketball

Whether you’re just starting out or sharpening your skills, the Y is the place for many of our youth to learn about becoming better players, staying active, and developing life-long skills.  The benefits are far greater than a win or loss. 

Whether it’s gaining confidence from learning a new skill or building relationships that lead to good sportsmanship and teamwork, participating in sports at the Y is for development on and off the court!



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     Division           Grade                

     U6                    K5                   

     U8                  1st & 2nd            

     U10                3rd & 4th            

     U13                5th & 6th          

PRACTICES:                 Begin week of Jan. 3


GAMES:                       Saturday mornings beginning Jan. 20

Game Schedules @ the Claire Chapin Epps Family YMCA


U6 practices and games will be held on Saturdays. U6 groups will have an hour time period scheduled. They will practice 30 mins prior to a 30 min game. All other age groups will have practices held Monday thru Thursday. Games will all be scheduled on Saturday.

You can request a specific coach. However, there is no guarantee that the coach you request will be your child’s coach.

You can request a certain day/time. However, there is no guarantee that your child will be scheduled for that time. Also, all U6 groups will be practicing on Saturday.

 U6 and U8 will play on a 8ft hoop. U10 will be played on a 9ft foot hoop. U12 will be played at 10 ft.

U8 will play with a youth ball which is a 27.5 inch ball. U10 and U12 will be using a regulation sized ball which is a 29.5 inch ball.

U6 will play on a 30min running clock.

U8/U10/U12 will play four 8 minute quarters with a running clock. 

All games will be scheduled on Saturdays and games will all be held at the Y. The schedule has not been determined yet.

Updated Hours Today

We hope you and your family stayed safe during the storm. We will resume normal operations at all three YMCA of Coastal Carolina center locations at 11 a.m. today. 

  • Thursday, August 31: All three center locations will reopen at 11 a.m.
  • Friday, September 1: All three center locations will be open during normal hours.
 24-hour access will be unavailable to Tidelands Health Georgetown Family YMCA during the times the center is closed but will resume as normal tonight.