Come Together For A Better Us

Posted on: October 06 2017

A Better Us Starts With A Selfie

One of the ways the Y makes "us" better is by being welcoming to all and being a place where people can come together who might not have met otherwise. At a time when our bonds are fraying, the Y is a place where people with different ideas, opinions and personalities can come together.  Now, more than ever, we must continue to bring people together, find common ground and bridge divides in service of a better us.  And here at the Y, we know that can start with something as simple as striking up a conversation with someone you've just met.  

This October, the Y encourages members, volunteers, staff and the community to meet someone new and discover what you have in common.  Then, take a selfie and post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #SelfieWithSomeoneNew and tag the Claire Chapin Epps Family YMCA to show everyone the real power of "US"! 

For over 160 years the Y, a leading community-based organization, has adapted and changed as society changed, uniting "us" in over 10,000 communities across the nation.  With this, Y locations all over the nation are joining together to reach 10,000 selfies with someone new.  Together, we can inspire others - in our community and across the country - to come together for a better us.


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Find someone you met because of the Y or someone you've never spoken to before

2. Snap a selfie together

3. Post it on your social media profile and remember to use #SelfieWithSomeoneNew and tag the YMCA.


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Posted on: July 20 2017

You know the challenges that we face in our community. People of all ages and backgrounds are struggling to reach their full potential. More and more children face seemingly insurmountable learning gaps.  Families find it difficult to spend quality time together. Playing outside has become a rarity. Face time happens through a phone. And instead of seeing the income gap shrink, it seems all we do is watch it grow.

But where society falls short, the Y – and donors like you – step in. Together we make a difference in the lives of thousands of people and a huge impact on each individual we serve. 

After 34 years of serving Horry County, the Y understands what our community needs to be its best.  Working with generous donors like you, the Y provides everyone the opportunity to be healthy and thrive, to connect with others, and contribute to a better community.  Everything the Y does is in service of making us – as individuals and a community – better.

Recently, the Claire Chapin Epps Family YMCA began our annual campaign to raise the charitable funds needed to address the issues that concern you.  Every dollar donated to the YMCA stays local and has a lasting impact on the people of our community. Your gift will build a better us by ensuring that the Y’s doors are open to all. Your support helps hundreds of youth and families live healthier and happier lives.  It enables kids to do better in school, attend Summer Camps and participate in youth sports and other programs.  

Yes, you know the challenges we face every day, but just like the Y, you see the opportunity to make a difference.  The Y is your partner, standing with you to strengthen our community. Make a donation today and take your first step in making a difference and building a better us. If you would like to hear more about what the Y does, you can contact us directly at 843.449.9622. 

Make your gift or pledge TODAY!!  Go to the 'GIVE' tab on the homepage to make your contribution, or click HERE.

For a better you. For a better community. For a better us.


Posted on: May 17 2017

Be a part of the best Recreation Soccer program on the Grand Strand.  It's MORE THAN JUST A GAME at the Y.  Our leadership team and volunteer coaches work to support soccer skill development and the life skills which youth need in order to succeed in life.  

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